Alcohol and Liver Disease

Closely related as it affects the younger generation, in the age group of 25-50 years and were from middle or lower income groups. The treatment is costly and the severe liver disease is usually fatal despite treatment. Once liver problem started subsequent any small dose of alcohol is like a poison. If early detected and treated the disease can be totally prevented, you can take a normal life, enjoy your family life and excel in your professional or business life. Alcohol intake and road traffic accident is a common cause of death, also crimes under influence of alcohol is embracing to you and your family or social position too. According to the WHO, alcohol consumption accounts for 3.8% of the worldwide death. Today, even in Asian countries like India, alcohol is emerging as the commonest cause of chronic liver disease. According to the report, around 30% of the total population of India consumed alcohol in the year 2010. It was also revealed that over 11% of the population in India indulged in heavy or binge drinking compared to the global figure at 16%. This implies that the alcohol consuming population of our country loses most years of their life because of drinking and its consequences and with increasing income, urbanization as well as access to alcohol the problem is going to be a more serious one in near future. We need a strong motivation, good family support and strict laws to curb this problem.