How to get prepared for liver transplant

What is Living Donation in Liver Transplant?

It is the process of organ donation by person while alive to his near one suffering from liver disease. The decision to donate should be completely voluntary and free of pressure or guilt. Living donors should be in good overall physical and mental health and older than 18 years of age and upper limit 50 to 60 years Centre wise. Some medical conditions could prevent an individual from being a living donor. The donor surgery is highly demanding technical procedure and also not without risk. The major complications may be one in 200 and the minor complications may be in 5-10% cases. In absence of complications the outcome as far as normal activities, married life and pregnancy is not an issue. You can enjoy as before. The scar of surgery in right part of upper abdomen is a cosmetic issue.

Living donors must be made aware of the physical and psychological risks involved before they consent to donate an organ. Please discuss all feelings, questions and concerns with a transplant professional and/or social worker.