Post liver transplant quality of life

Organ donation
[Here with we addressed the most commonly asked for questions as well as few health tips to guide you. Professional opinion from your doctor is needed. The things explained here are for general information, not to be followed in absence of professional guidance]

After the disease beyond control, liver transplant is the only treatment to improve survival. In India 200,000 people need a new kidney every year and 100,000 need a new liver, only 2% to 3% of the demand for new organs is met. The organ donation is very dismal in country i.e less than 5 per thousand death in comparison to >15 to 20 in developed countries. Finding a donor match is difficult and often people with advanced liver disease die to lack of a donor for this life saving liver transplant. In india every year about 5 lakh people die due to this but at the same time road traffic accidents death or brain stoke (those are eligible for organ donation) is much higher. But as per our belief, lack of awareness, poor support system for how, when to whom donate- nothing happened. Life can go after death. Death is not the end for you, because with organ donation you can save someone’s life. The main problem is awareness. The first challenge is that it is often difficult for family members to accept their loved one is brain dead. Even if the family is ready to donate organs, religious superstitions become impediments. So let join hand to spread the organ donation awareness, enforce the agencies to come with a strong support system to save people at distress at no cost but with a noble understanding i.e. Donate organ and Save life.