Let the Fight against Liver Disease start Today

5th March 2017(Sunday)
Kalinga House, Panthanivas
Near BJB College, Lewis Rd, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

12.15-12.50: Is healthcare is the concern of policy makers- Role of

community and ourselves i.e. the public and partners like ILPF.

Patient Perspective: (2min each)

  • Mr.Ravi Pratap,
  • Mrs Sanju Agarwal
  • Mr.Rajnish Mishra,
  • Mr.Pradyumna Das,

Doctors Perspective: (2min each)

  • Dr Uttam Pani,
  • Dr Bharti Acharya
  • Dr B K Pati
  • Dr P C Dalai

General Perspective: (2min each)

  • Mr.Godabarish Sahoo (Rotarian),
  • Mr.Madhab Ch Nanda (Spiritual person)
  • Rev Satya Majhi (Spiritual person)

Policy makers Perspective: (2min each)

  • Mr. D Mohanty (OAS, Dist Subregistrar)
  • Mr.Pradyumna Jena (Young Poltician),

Third Pillar of society: (2min each)

  • Mr.Sukant Sahoo, (NGO, PLAN international)
  • Journalist-Electronic media
  • Journalist-Print media
  • Mr. Manoj Moharana (Asst Manager, National Insurance Co.)

Few words from our beloved Guests

  • 12.50-13.00: Mr. Kuna Tripathy (Social activist, Journalist, News Fuse fame)
  • 13.00-13.05: Mr. Binod Dash (Secretary, OPECA)
  • 13.05-13.10: Special Guest: Dr. Binod Kumar Mishra, Director Family Welfare, GoO
  • 13.10-13.15: Special Guest: Dr. Indramani Jena (Secretary, OPHNHA)

  • 13.15-13.25: Prof P K Dash (Ex DMET, Odisha)
  • 13.25-13.35: ILPF in summary: Dr. Ashok Choudhury, New Delhi
  • 13.35-13.55: Videos on Awareness
  • 13.55-13.58:Vote of thanks: Dr. Suvendu Mishra
  • 13.58-14.00:National anthems and Closure of ceremony

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