Time to think: the burden of liver disease

According to World Health Organization (WHO), every year about 35 million people die of chronic disease, Chronic liver disease (long-standing liver problem) is one of the major contributors. Liver disease rates are steadily increasing over the years. During 2001, the estimated worldwide death from cirrhosis was 771,000 people, this leads to cirrhosis as 14th most common cause world-wide and 10th cause in developed countries (like UK, USA etc.). ranking 14th and 10th as the leading cause of death in the world and in developed countries, respectively. According to the latest WHO data published in May 2014 Liver Disease Deaths in India reached 216,865 or 2.44% of total deaths. Cirrhosis is not only a concern because of death , but the treatment is costly, life long and takes your major junk of life to hospital. But the beauty of this disease is that , cirrhosis takes more than 15-20 years before problem occurs and early detection and treatment can prevent this. In the coming days this problem is going to be a major challenge and by small preventive steps we can help ourselves as well as to the society.