Living Initiative with Fresh Energy (LIFE) Initiative :

Life may be short but it should be enjoyable- the dream for all of us.  But does it happen so for everyone? No, because we often adopt bad life style.  To curb this, to break the chain, we need to re-program our life style:  hence is the focus on Life initiative-started under supervision of Er.  Pani and Mr Pratap. This is a structured programme where awareness, counselling, dietary advice, screening for liver problem by advanced machine i.e. Fibroscan and free doctors consultation was undertaken routinely by ILPF. Our volunteers Dr Dinesh, Dr Pratibha shree by periodic Yoga camp as well as Nanna Sir with Anjali on healing touch,  the ‘mindfulness’ practice by Ms Anindita and Diet Plan of Ms. Laxmipriya both online and offline are some of the brilliant efforts to propagate healthy life style and care about liver.. We have conducted such 2 mega programme, 15 institutional, 6 corporate programme. We also conduct free monthly diet clinic on every fourth Sunday. Psychotherapy and dedicated support by Dr Suvendu, Dr Sanjay Pani made LiFe as a comprehensive approach that connects body, mind and soul with Nature as a preventive approach.