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Indian Liver Patient Foundation

The humble beginning of Indian Liver Patient Foundation (ILPF) in 2016 has transformed into a journey of trendsetter in liver care in areas as far as awareness, capacity building, and social outreach activities and to bridge the gap between health care provider and the society.

What is ILPF-The Concept

It believes that health care does not imply in a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital. For everyone to achieve optimal health, the patients himself,
patient to the community could bridge the gap about knowledge attitude and practice towards disease.
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Journey of ILPF

In 2nd October 2016, the liver disease patient who came forward for their fellow to create a voice which is clear “I suffer I care & Now it’s You”
with a logo which is self-explanatory
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Vision and Mission

vision to achieve a society where each liver patient is diagnosed in time and treated with respect, getting access to proper medical care. The mission is to increase Awareness about Liver Diseases;
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